world ecotourism in a sustainable way

From the day that my team and I created an Internet of Things (IOTs) tourism in the form of a web platform called, and at the same time I wrote my own book on the topic of world ecotourism, I knew that I would undertake a book publication that would provide knowledge on how to improve world ecotourism in a sustainable way. This is Book 1 of my world ecotourism trilogy.

It is an ambitious mission but a very important one to pursue because based on my opinion, there is an urgent need to protect and conserve ecotourism destinations in the world for visitors today to enjoy and also to be enjoyed by the future generations of tourists. My experience of traveling in different countries in the world and my love for sightseeing in world ecotourism destinations has made me realize the value of environmental protection and conservation of the natural environment.


In every place I visited, I observed that there was a lack of environmental awareness so we must help together to improve the management of ecotourism destinations to make them sustainable following the triple bottom line of economic, social, and environmental aspects of ecotourism.

Based on my knowledge, my environment engineering background, and my being a writer, I used my experience to create and write a book, titled, World Ecotourism: The Sustainable Way (Piromsartkoon, 2019), and to undertake its publication for readers in the world to enjoy reading and take action on how to protect, market, and promote ecotourism in the sustainable way. In this book, I developed a new sustainable world ecotourism business model based on the Triple Bottom Line Framework (Elkington, 1997) consisting of economic, social, and environment.


As I mentioned in this book, the need for a sustainable world ecotourism business model is anchored on the principles of ecotourism, the international policies governing the operations of ecotourism destinations, the interconnectedness of activities of ecotourism worldwide, and the concerns for conservation, for maintaining biodiversity, and for environmental protection of the natural resource.


I put management cases on ecotourism after the last chapter for readers to enjoy reading and allow their imagination to work on the issues and the challenges that management of ecotourism faces in order to be competitive and to be sustainable. I included my travel memories of ecotourism destinations in my own country, Thailand, and also Myanmar, and India that I visited so that the readers will vicariously experience being a tourist in these ecotourism destinations and share in the excitement and the enjoyment of visiting natural environment with its pristine beauty while in the comforts of their homes. It is also my hope that they would go out of their comfort zones and visit these wonderful ecotourism destinations in the world and have first-hand experience of the pristine beauty of nature. It can be awe-inspiring and life-changing.


Although ecotourism is a sub-set of a general tourism which is a very big industry in the world, but ecotourism is so important to explain for all stakeholders who are involved in ecotourism business. My desire is for all the stakeholders to take part in the ecotourism operations in various roles in order to achieve the goal of sustainability.


My book shares with its readers such topics as sustainable ecotourism management, sustainable environmental management, and sustainability best practices from different parts of the world. The experiences of countries that are successful in their ecotourism activities are proof that it is very possible to manage an ecotourism profitably but at the same time to be mindful of its conservation and environmental protection as part of their responsibilities. Striking a balance between profit, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability calls for guiding principles of ecotourism to be followed.

Hence, I invite all of you, my dear readers from all over the world, to take up this book and let it guide you to be a responsible tourist, an astute ecotourism manager or operator, an effective environmentalist, or an effective researcher on environmental issues that confront our world today.

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