Venezuelan Food and Attractions

Venezuela Tourist Attractions and Venezuelan Food

Venezuela could be your ideal tropical destination this vacation. Located in the north of South America, the Venezuelan coast is close to the Caribbean Islands that borders the Atlantic Ocean. The estimated population of the island nation is around 27,000,100.

When it is about experiencing natural beauty in Venezuela, your first stop would be the Angel Falls. It is also called Salto Angel in Venezuela. The falls is a part of the Canaima National Park. Measuring up to 979 meters, it is the highest waterfall in the world. There is a boat trip down from the Canaima town for the tourists.

To experience ultimate island pleasure, a visit to the Isla de Margarita is necessary. The beach remains the most popular place of the island where the visitors love to drink, swim in the warm waters, spend their afternoons at the palm gardens, and play with the children. It is an ideal place for honeymooners with many hotels located nearby. It is accessible from other islands by ferry. Avail the ferry service from Puerto La Cruz on the mainland. In Puerto La Cruz is the Mochima National Park also called the Parque Nacional Mochima. The national park offers camping sites and trail walking during the dry months. Venezuela’s Andes Mountains is interesting during the winter for its snow-covered peaks. Among the historical monuments, the Jesus Soto Museum of Modern Art situated in Caracas.

You can visit these places year around. Summer season is mild but humid during daytime. Nights remain comparatively cooler on the beaches. To experience the Angel waterfall at its best flow and height, rainy season would be the apt time.

Venezuela restaurants do not lag behind when it comes give the tourists a taste of Venezuela recipes. Venezuela traditional food often differs from one island to another. The modern recipes have a strong resemblance with that of European style cooking, French dishes, and Italian food. The coastal food hubs serve quality fish fry and curry, soups, and stews. The most famous food in the Andean region of Venezuela is the Arepa. Try Arepa with sausages. Coconut, corn, beans, and bananas are main ingredient in non-vegetarian dishes.

Venezuela features the major Tourist attractions in the country. The country is also dotted with restaurants and eateries serving tasty dishes and specialty cuisines that are worth tasting. It also offers you a list of various Venezuela tourist attractions that include the biodiversity of the place, rainforests, beaches, and ecozones. The flora and fauna of Venezuela basins make it an important tourist destination for adventure lovers.

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