Tuvalu Tourist Destinations for an Astonishing Holiday Tour

Tuvalu is the world’s fourth smallest country with a land area of just 26 square kilometers. The capital of Tuvalu is Funafuti. This country has breath-taking coral-reefs and lagoons. The spectacular marine environment of Tuvalu tourist destinations is one of the major reasons to attract tourists.

The Funafuti Conservation area is home to colorful fish, turtles, coconut crabs and nesting seabirds. Its twelve square miles of land and sea is an excellent place for wildlife watching and diving. Here visitors can enjoy game fishing by the means of rented boats or ships. Tourists can indulge in water sports and take a tour across the Funafuti Lagoon to get the clear view of the coastline.

During World War II many American troops were stationed in Tuvalu. In Nanumea and Nukufetau you will get to see the remains of plane wrecks and airstrips. Islet of Tepuka has a well preserved underground bunker. Tourists can buy original and unique stamps which are very popular among stamp collectors from the Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau.

The entertainment in Tuvalu is interesting and warm. Tourists can watch a cricket like traditional sport known as Kilikiti also the “te ano”, which is a ball game like volleyball and also the national game of Tuvalu. Tuvalu has four hotels. All of these hotels are situated in Funafuti. The Vaiaku Lagi Hotel is the island’s largest hotel. It hosts disco three nights each week. In Falekaupule or Vintage hall, tourists can enjoy dancing and singing which happens every night.

The small town of Savusavu is known for its unique hot springs which are popular among travelers. In this town you will get to see Dakua forest, which has more than 30 species of trees. Waisali Rainforest Reserve is situated in Vanua Levu which is one of the major Tuvalu tourist destinations for nature lovers. You can visit the island of Taveuni, which is known as the “garden island” of Tuvalu. This area has a rich wildlife and protected forests. Those who like snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing should visit the Matangi Private Island. Tuvalu tourist destinations provide a unique experience to its visitors.

If you want to spend some leisure time in isolation then Nadi Fiji is the perfect place for you. This island is known for its deserted beaches.

Tuvalu cuisine is based on local plants, coconut, pork, bananas, breadfruit, pulaka, fish meals and seafood. Some of the popular dishes are; laulu or lolo, palusami, ula, uu and many more. Tuvalu tourist destinations attract many tourists from different parts of the world.

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