Tourist Attractions in New York City – Free Admission

Is there such thing as a Free admission to places of interest?

Visiting major attractions on your trip to a foreign land can be quite costly. It is affordable if you want to take in one or two sights but if you are travelling as a family, the cost can add up significantly.

The good news is, there are many tourist attractions in New York City that offers free admission. Yet, all these places are the major landmark of this vibrant city.

Do not know where to begin? Start by consulting New York travel map.

Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island are the five boroughs in the state of New York.

Many actions and excitement are mostly concentrated in Manhattan.

We will start with Central Park.

It is one of the biggest with free sight such as Bow bridge, Reservoir, Conservatory Garden, Bethesda fountain etc…

Opposite the Central Park is the world famous Plaza Hotel.

If you want to catch a glimpse of the stock exchange and other financial institutions, you should take a stroll along Wall Street.

The Empire State is one of the iconic building in New York City.

It is free at ground level. Admission is required to access the observation deck.

There is also Ground Zero, the former vicinity of Twin Tower.

A trip to New York is never complete if you miss the Art Galleries and Museums. Some museums are free whereas others may require only a small contributions for maintenance purposes.

National Museum of the American Indian and Sony Wonder Technology Lab are some of the museums with free admission.

To take in the view across the river and Manhattan, why not take a walk along an elevated pathway on Brooklyn bridge.

A free ferry ride will lead you closer to the Statue Of Liberty, Ellis and Straten Island.

The popular Times Square, is the place to hang out if you are into Broadway shows and fine dining.

If you are into shopping, there are some best deals around. Most of the popular stores are located along Fifth Avenue. The most popular one is Macy’s Department Store. You would have probably heard about this store as it is popular for holding the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade.

These are just some of the attractions with free admission.

Lastly, the most important thing in your travel plan is to bring your Camera.

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