Tourist Attractions in Enchanting Nigeria

One of the most populated countries in the world and the most populated country in Africa, Nigeria is an untapped tourist paradise which is being developed on a large scale.

The country is located in the western coastal region of the African continent and is rich in natural resources. There are long stretches of beaches, the beautiful Niger River which winds its way through the country, national parks and tropical forests. This lends an amazing richness to the whole tourist industry and is a major source of revenue for the economy.

The country dates back its origins to at least 9000 BC. Over the centuries, many other ethnic groups came and settled in the country giving it a vibrant and colorful mix which has blended perfectly with the local environs. The art and craft of Nigeria has also developed over all these years and has been enhanced and enriched by the different ethnic tribal groups.

One of the most significant aspects of Nigeria is the traditional way of life which has been well preserved in the local customs. The handicrafts of the various groups are a marvel in themselves due to the intricacies and designs which are entirely indigenous to those particular ethnic groups.

Some of the most sought after tourist attractions could be briefly described as follows:

National Parks in Nigeria: One of the important components of the Nigerian tourism industry is the five National Parks which have been set up to preserve the wildlife of the country. They work as wildlife reserves in the country. The government of Nigeria is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of these wildlife reserves. The African continent is known worldwide for its dense forests and wildlife reserves which attract tourists from far and wide.

There are five Parks, the Kainji, Cross River, Gashaka-Gumti, Yankari and The Oban Hills National Park respectively. All the parks are situated in different states of the country. Gasha-Gumti is the largest National Park in the country covering an area of 6000 square kilometers. The Kainji National Park includes two animal reserves, namely Zurugama and Borgu and also has a lake which is one of the most sought after location among the visitors. The Cross River National Park is very popular among the tourists as it is among the last few rain forests of the world. There are two more parks of Nigeria are Yankari national park and Oban hills.

The main aim of the Nigeria National Parks is the protection and preservation of the endangered species and the wildlife of Nigeria, as a whole.

Beaches in Nigeria: Nigeria comprises of the coastal part of the African continent and therefore is home to some very beautiful beaches. The beaches are one of the major attractions of this country which provide a sense of relaxation and calmness to the minds and body of the weary travelers. There are many beach hotels and resorts which provide good accommodation to the travelers who visit here. Some of the better known beaches are the Coconut Beach in Badagry town, the Victorian Beach, Central Beach of Victoria Islands and the Calabar Beach which is located at the mouth of the Calabar River which is one of the most sparsely inhabited beaches.

Due to the presence of this natural wealth, Nigeria is visited by tourists all the year round and hence there are numerous hotels and resorts to cater to the visiting people. These hotels offer accommodation which is suited to the budget and the taste of the tourists. One can easily opt for a luxury hotel on the one hand and on the other you can just go for budget lodging. Whatever kind of lodging option you choose, one thing is for sure that one never gets bored in Enchanting Nigeria.

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