Tourism in Uganda and The Marburg Virus

Many people have started getting scared to travel to East Africa, especially Uganda because of the infection and death of the Dutch tourist earlier this month. However, there is only 1 reported death ever since and interesting to note is that the Ranger Guide who accompanied the tourist to the Cave is extremely normal.

This disease comes as a result of direct contact with bats who are the primary carriers. Besides, the Bat cave is just 0.0001% of Uganda’s Beauty. How about visiting the prominent attractions such as the Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which host over half of the world’s remaining endangered Mountain Gorillas and a Gorilla Safari to this Park is such a memorable undertaking, the Fascinating waterfalls of the Murchison Falls National Park, The Kazinga Channel of Queen Elizabeth National Park which is gifted by an uncountable rewarding bird adventure not forgetting that a Uganda Tour is almost Incomplete with out the beautiful viewing of game in this park, Lake Mburo National Park which is the prime spot for viewing the zebras, the Kibale Forest National Park renown for a total of 13 primates Species and most Importantly, Chimpanzee Tracking being the most popular activity in the area. The Source of the River Nile in the eastern region provides an adventure that is worth a life time where as the white water rafting for the fit is such interesting. How about tourists who would enjoy a Night game drive that is not done any where else in the country except the Semliki national park in additional to the Chimpanzees existing therein.

The Ministry of Tourism together with the Ministry of health have taken critical measures to ensure that such tragedy does not befall again among the steps taken is sanctioning the places where there is vulnerability of the disease and no people are allowed in such places. Thus, tourists are advised to take note of what they are told by their tour leaders whilst on travel. The Bat cave has been ruled out of the package until investigation and ensuring the disease is fully dealt with. There fore, the tourist activities in the country continue the way they have always been and only a piece of the package has been put out.

Uganda is a country gifted by nature and indeed the pearl of Africa, you visit it once! It’s a guarantee to visit it the second time or you may find it satisfying to be your absolute home for all your vacations.

Source by Denis Mugerwa

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