Tourism in Bhutan

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in Bhutan. The country today is seen as one of the most sought-after destinations in South Asia, primarily because of its rich natural and cultural heritage. Bhutan’s high-value low-impact tourism policy revolves around what is considered in the West as sustainable tourism. The policy has not only created the image of exclusivity but has also passionately promoted the idea of sustainable tourism.

Starting in 1974, the industry has made immense contribution to the national exchequer and is today the second largest generator of revenue for the government. A huge number of Bhutanese have found employment in the industry as guides, cooks, porters, drivers, food suppliers and hoteliers. Another huge impact of tourism is seen in the indigenous cottage industry that has helped hundreds of authentic handicraft outlets mushroom at major tourist destinations.

Most popular forms of visits are cultural, followed by trekking and adventure/sports tourism. White water rafting, kayaking and mountain biking are some of our most sought-after products. Bhutan’s pristine environment was recognized globally when the country was named one of the top ten global bio-diversity hotspots. It’s rich flora and fauna boast rare species like the endangered Golden Langur, White-bellied Heron, Black-necked Crane and exotic varieties of Rhododendron, wild Orchids and various medicinal plants.

Bhutan’s strengths as one of the top tourist destinations have principally hinged on its traditional culture, religious festivals, pristine environment, and more recently on its efforts to redefine human progress through the degree of happiness of its citizenry. Bhutan’s fourth monarch, His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck, declared that Gross National Happiness (GNH) is more important for a country than Gross Domestic Product. Therefore, strictly adhering to the principles of GNH, Bhutan has consciously sought to anchor the tourism sector on social, economical and environmental sustainability.

As the last bastion of tantric Mahayana Buddhism, Bhutan offers what most Buddhist nations cannot. In Bhutan, you will find a people who pursue happiness through the simplest and yet oldest of the means – prayers. In Bhutan, you will find the happy marriage of traditional and the modern. In Bhutan, you experience the vibrancy of a culturally rich society. In Bhutan, you will find public institutions experimenting with human happiness as the ultimate result of economic development.

It’s against this backdrop that we at Adventure Bhutan Travel strive everyday to offer our guests a distinctive life-changing experience. Bhutan will not be a casual passing sight in your sojourn; it will be a living experience. That’s why at Adventure Bhutan Travel we take it as a great honor to guide you through the land of the thunder dragon.

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