Tokyo – Tourist Mecca of Asia

If there is one place on earth, which symbolizes the confluence of past, present, and future, it’s got to be in Tokyo. Known as the metropolitan city of the world, Tokyo leads the global conglomerate of international cities. It is the nerve center of international trade and global finance. The pride and capital of Japan, here are 5 reasons why Tokyo is considered as the tourist mecca of Asia.

1. History

Japan is known for its ancient lineage of history. Tokyo has embodied itself since history as a cultural and historical strategic location for all of Japan, even in South East Asia. From the era of shoguns and samurai warriors to the modern years, Tokyo is a political and cultural nerve center. The foundation of Tokyo as a great city was laid from a humble beginning of a small fishing village called Edo. Even though Kyoto was the capital in Imperial Japan, Tokyo was the de facto competitor. Japanese and Tokyo natives take great pride in their city’s history. Tokyo holiday packages by established tourist players ensure that tourists get a good glimpse of the history of Tokyo and Japan with the help of artifacts and museums.

2. Architecture

See an animated movie and you will realize why Tokyo is considered as the birthplace of modern architecture. The high rise mega structures and ancient buildings showcase Japanese style and adaptability over centuries. The structure displays the intelligence and the immense artistic sense since ancient times. Even if you glimpse at one structure, you will see the complexity of the structure and immense intricacy of the inter laying pattern. Even the latest and modern structure defies physics and imagination. The Tokyo skyline is dotted with immense high rises which will capture your thoughts and appreciation. Tokyo tour packages enable tourists to take advantage of the immense architecture which imbibes the cultural vibrancy of Japan.

3. Bullet trains

Bullet trains have become synonymous with Tokyo. Achieving speeds up to 500 km per hour and famous for their punctuality, they have become the lifeline of the workforce in Tokyo. The bullet trains are sturdy and are known for their comfortable and lush feeling even at tremendous high speed. A tourist experience in Tokyo is incomplete without riding the bullet trains at least once.

4. Cuisine

If you are a foodie, then head on to Tokyo, the food heaven of the world. Michelin, the international gourmet rater, has given Tokyo around 191 stars, which is 5 times more than Paris. Sushi, a fish dish is a delight to be savored. If you are visiting through Tokyo travel packages, be sure to taste this world famous savory dish. Sushi is synonymous with Japan and is a national cuisine icon.

5. Gardens

The Japanese are proud and protective of their nature. They have tried to preserve and enhance the nature available in the midst by creating as many parks and botanical gardens as possible. Some of the notable gardens include Tokyo imperial palace & Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. Cherry blossoms are one of the prime attractions in Tokyo.

Book your tour and travel packages to Tokyo now and get set to have a memorable experience with the global capital city of the world.

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