Therapeutic Tourism in Jordan

The Jordan Kingdom is the most important touristic destination in the Middle East. The country enjoys many magnificent historical monuments that attract tourists from all over the world to travel to Jordan like Petra, the most important historical site in Jordan.

One of the most famous natural areas of Jordan that is popular for its therapeutic effects is the Ma’In Hot Springs. Located around 58 kilometers to the South of Amman, the Jordanian capital, the area is 120 meters below sea level and it hosts more than 160 natural springs with various temperatures. Such natural areas attract many travelers from various regions in the world to spend their holidays in Jordan.

The natural hot water springs in Ma’in contain a high percentage of various important minerals like calcium, Sodium chloride, the Rado Gas, Hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide. The temperature in some of the springs may reach up to 63 degree centigrade. Many tourists who travel to Jordan love to explore the natural treasures of the country.

While visiting the natural springs of Ain Ma’in, one views a large number of travelers who tour Jordan for therapeutic reasons as the water of these springs cure from various illnesses including skin diseases, circulatory diseases, bone and muscles’ aches, and several other health conditions.

In fact, the most popular area for therapeutic tourism in Jordan is surly the Dead Sea which is also quite favorite all around the world. The area of the Dead Sea enjoys some matchless climatic characteristics, as it is free of humidity.

The presence of sulfur springs that cure from various illnesses specially skin diseases and Rheumatism is among the most important features of the area. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on the planet and it is the saltiest sea in the whole globe as well. This fact attracts thousands of travellers to book their vacations in Jordan every year.

When the World Health Organization chose the Dead Sea as one of the best spots in the world for curing skin diseases in 2011 made an important landmark in the history and the development of the whole region.

Many of the resorts situated on the shores of the Dead Sea offer wonderful natural therapeutic services with no use of any chemicals or medications of any sorts. This is carried out following the most advanced standards of natural therapeutic treatments in the world. Such resorts have started being quite popular among travelers who tour Jordan during the past few decades.

Another magnificent area in Jordan that is famous for therapeutic tourism is the Afra water springs. Located in Southern section of the Jordanian Kingdom, the area has 15 natural water springs with the temperature ranging from 45 to 48 degree centigrade. Many travel packages to Jordan include a visit to the springs of Afra.

The water of the springs that is rich with minerals forms some wonderful waterfalls that are gathered at the end in lakes that are awesome to swim at. The therapeutic benefits of the springs of Afra include the help in curing illnesses including Infertility, hardening of the arteries, anemia, and rheumatism.

If you are planning for a relaxing comfortable vacation, a tour to Jordan would be among your perfect choices. The country has all what it takes to make a memorable vacation.

Source by Medhat Elsergany

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