The Top 5 Copenhagen Tourist Traps

Copenhagen is a wonderful city, especially if you know how to use it in the right way. Here is a list of a few golden rules of conduct and tourist traps. Avoid these and you’ll be on the right track to a fantastic stay.

1. Tivoli in major holidays
Tivoli is fun but also expensive. Being Denmark’s single largest tourist attraction with more than 4 million visitors a year the huge line outside on special days like Halloween and Christmas is really not worth the wait. Tivoli should be visited in the summer time, if at all, and be prepared to pay large amount for rides, food, drinks, well basically for everything inside the walls.

2. The main shopping street
The main shopping street is nowhere to go. It is crowded, the stores are the same as in any other European city and the tall buildings block the sun all day. By avoiding the main shopping street, ‘Strøget’, you’ll also avoid other unpleasant phenomena like hustlers, beggars and thieves.

3. The bike lane with no bike
At all costs avoid stepping onto the biker’s lane! People bike a lot in Copenhagen and they ride fast at all streets and at all times of day and night – a common newbie mistake is to step out into the bike lane without looking and this tends to lead to huge traffic jams, and piles of bikes and people in the streets. If things don’t turn out all that bad, you can be sure to get a few sour words from the bikers if you make this mistake.

4. The high-priced canal tours
The canal tours are a great way to see the city, but be careful: Two different companies operate the boats, and one is double the cost. The cheap ‘Netto’ boats are the way to go, and you’ll even avoid listening to the annoying speaker announcements from the tourist guide.

5. Inner City Tourist Bars
When arriving at Copenhagen Central Station posters will try to lure you into bars such as Rosy McGee’s. This must be avoided at all costs. No locals would dream of stepping foot inside; the drinks are expensive, the music is horrible and the crowd is either teenagers or middle-aged.

Source by Ken Sand

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