The Major Tourist Places in Sangrur

Sangrur makes a great destination for families, couples and even kids and it is one of the most preferred destinations by travelers coming from Ghaziabad and Delhi. The best months to travel to the beautiful destination are February and March and during this period you can explore the various major tourist places. The best thing about the local attractions is that you have the freedom to visit them during the day in the early mornings, afternoon or even in the evenings and night as you prefer as a traveler working on a schedule.

The fact is that you really would need more than one day to see everything that the city has to offer you. This is considering that sightseeing tours take a half day or a day, but to see everything it holds for you more time than this will be required. Fortunately, even accommodation is not a problem in Sangrur; there are so many hotels offering excellent accommodation services to fit your preferences. Below are some of the major tourist places you should consider when you plan a tour in the city.

Sheesh Mahal Palace – It is a significant attraction in terms of region. The palace dates back in 1845 and was built by Maharaja Narinder Singh. Glass is extensively used in the palace, which is what makes it stand out. It is in the most beautiful surroundings in a forest area that has terraces, artificial lake, fountains and gardens for the surroundings. It is a former residential palace of Nawab of Malerkotla.

The Gurdwara Janam Asthan – It is a place of worship that is a must visit. The location on which it stands is believed to be where Sant Baba Attar Singh was born and it receives hundreds of devotees for a fair held here on new moon day during Chet holy month. It is a piece of art you really must behold, while in the city.

The Banasar Garden – If you love picnics in beautiful surroundings then this is the perfect spot in the city. It features a beautiful 12 door building which is the marble Baradari that attracts visitors from far and wide. Lying right in the middle of the pond found in the garden is Diwan Khana a museum displaying weapons and other princely times articles and is decorated using carved marble slabs and four towers. There is a small bridge to offer access. The bridge also offers access to the western part of the gardens. You will love the numerous walkways, four towers, mini zoo and the plants and trees that make the garden simply relaxing. If you are lucky you might witness the Loheri and Bansat festivals as well as famed Kite Festival that is held here. Jind State rulers came here to spend their summers.

The Gurdwara Nanakiana Sahib – It also goes by the name Karir Sahib and it is in Mangwal village a few kilometers from Sangrur city. Guru Nanak Dev Ji the fifth Sikh guru is said to have visited the place and would take his baths in the pond located here and sit by the pond side to preach to villagers. The pond has since been turned to a sarovar because of this rich history.

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