The Effective Usage of CRM in the Croatian Tourism Industry

When I started to work in the tourism industry back here in Croatia I started using Fidelio V8 version. Using it on daily basis I started to realize its great potential when it comes to retaining the old customers. In today’s business climate it is imperative to hold to your customer as their purchasing power is higher than that of the new customer which is yet to be reassured about the quality of your services.

I argue that the success of any hotel lies in the organisation of its services. Two things come to mind food and spa treatment. The CRM system which is well organized will give you an insight into the daily meal plan of each and every guest. Assuming that each guest has the breakfast which is pretty much the norm these days and assuming that a certain amount of food needs to be prepared for dinner for the HB guests, a closer look into the CRM system will most definitely allow you to offer these guests who are your standard BBs dinner at the discounted prices. However, the whole process needs to be carefully organized as you will have only one shot at doing it.The second most important factor is the setting, because it has to differ from the usual breakfast serving.

The guests are looking for variety and this is why the dinner which is on offer needs to be executed in the appropriate manner. The bulk of the job will fall on the guest relation service to effectuate such an operation. The simple fact is that the preferred type of communication with the guest is the oral one where the attributes such as smile, ambient of flowers and softly spoken voices will win over the guests. In order to carry out such an operation one needs to have open air restaurant and the terraced one, the both restaurants need to be a la carte, the terraced one with highly expensive food which would serve as some sort of a bait and the open air one, preferably situated by the pool which would be the center of the operations. The only possible solution is the open fish and meat barbecue. By offering this type of food one is going to eliminate on the wastage bit. However, on the other side of the spectrum, there is the issue of the service which ought to be bridged. It is utterly inconvenient for the paying guests to go and collect their own food. So, there should be two serving units close to each other and waiter should be assigned to each table.

As far as the spa treatments are concerned, again the careful look at the incoming guests list would determinate the spa center offer. The universal treatment that you cannot go wrong is the massage. It is important that the CRM system notes down every attempt to approach the guest as the negatives can be turned into positives especially if the hotel chain is the member of the wider luxury reward program.

To conclude this short account in my experience the CRM systems are underused but in order to maximize them the staff need to get the adequate training and rewards because this selling initiatives need to be properly awarded.

Source by Darko Vasiljevic

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