The 3 Most Exciting Barbados Tourist Attractions

Many travelers envision a vacation to Barbados full of sun, beach and nightlife along the south and west coasts but in reality, there are many other fun activities that you can do on this quiet little island in the Caribbean Sea. A vacation to Barbados that includes a visit to some of these attractions the island has to offer will result in a fun-filled and exciting trip for you and your family.

Deciding which island activities and local attractions you wish to visit before arriving on the island for your Barbados vacation is a great way to save time. This allows you and your family to plan ahead of time the clothing you will need, how much money you will need and how much time you will need to allocate for these attractions and other activities during your vacation.

Here are 3 of the most exciting Barbados tourist attractions that you should visit when you take your vacation.

Barbados Island Safari

This is quickly becoming one of the most popular Barbados tourist attractions offering visitors an exciting and extensive tour of the coasts and interior of the island. The Barbados Island Safaris give you an island tour in the open backs of 4×4 jeep Land Rovers taking you just about anywhere on the island, even the most remote and inaccessible regions of Barbados. During the entire trip expect your guide to keep you entertained while explaining the geography, history, culture, folklore of Barbados and simply educating you about this Caribbean island. You will get to spend time taking pictures and creating memories during the tour which you should definitely take advantage of. One of the most loved stops along the tour is a visit to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve to take part in the feeding of the island’s monkeys.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Something much better than your typical western zoo is offered to visitors who want to get in touch with the island’s wildlife. This Barbados Wildlife Reserve is home to a variety of tropical animals, some of which you may never have seen before, and is a highlight with visiting kids and young children. Here you will get a close interaction with the island’s animals in their own natural environment and habitat. You get a close face-to-face interaction with Bajan monkeys, colorful Peacock birds and some non-native Caribbean animals that have been introduced to the reserve.

Barbados Surfing Lessons

Of course, an island water adventure should be part of every visitor’s travel itinerary. Barbados surfing lessons are probably the most popular water attraction in Barbados, alongside windsurfing and kitesurfing, as people often visit the island solely to enjoy the ocean. If you want a little more adventure in the water than just swimming, these Barbados surfing lessons are available year round due to the island’s consistent swell conditions. There are a number of surf lesson operators to choose from, including Zed’s Surfing Adventures and Surf Barbados, who will teach you the basics of surfing at Freights Bay, the island’s most popular beginner surf break.

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