Some Insight About Kenya Tourism – Best Places to Visit in Kenya

The name Kenya was formed by the early missionaries who arrived in the country during the 18th century. The name was derived from Kiinya, the name the local people called Mt Kenya. During that time and later on when the White settlers settled in Kenya the name stuck to what it is now. Kenya is known world wide for the heritage that it prides.

Kenya has with time developed in all sectors of her economy and The Tourism industry is among the top most industries. Tourism in Kenya generates a handsome revenue from foreign exchange from the International visitors. More revenue is also cashed in from the growing domestic tourists who with time have come to appreciate the beautiful attractions and the rich heritage their motherland gracefully owns.

The sector plays a very vital role in the country’s economy as it has created thousands of jobs. This stems from the attractions to accommodations facilities, transport and educational facilities that have employed thousands. Besides the employed there are countless people who also directly or indirectly benefit from the tourism sector. Among them are the African art work artists who have enjoyed their creativity as they sell largely to tourists.

The Ministry of Tourism in Kenya that is headed by Cabinet Secretary Phyllis Kandie has rigorously been involved in marketing the country Internationally through the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB). KTB ensures that the stakeholders in the sector get information on International exhibitions and assist them to easily acquire the necessary documents to attend. This has made it easy especially for smaller entities to be on the front line in marketing their products globally.

It has not been all roses though for the Tourism sector in Kenya and Africa lately. With several terrorist attacks and the Ebola crisis in West Africa, the continent was hit by acute shortage of tourists as countries issued travel advisories to their citizens against visiting, though most countries have cancelled the advisories.

As the country continues to thrive, it has also put in a lot of measures to curb poaching and destruction of natural resources. This has seen many organizations actively fighting for the animals rights and being on the front row towards conservation of the ecosystem.

Kenya is a magical country and it sprawls with a buffet of attractions, scenery and excellent people to want to visit.

Welcome to Kenya and visit the best places around.

Enjoy Your trip

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