Lamar – Hometown Colorado a Tourist’s Delight

Have you ever wondered what to do for Vacation? If you live in the Midwest, or Colorado, to be more precise, I have a suggestion… Visit the southeastern corner of Colorado and all the wonderful tourist sites around Lamar, Colorado.

Lamar, Colorado is hometown to some famous people. A few of them you might recognize, like Scott Elarton currently of the Kansas City Royals? Writer Gary Penley put Lamar on the map with his book “Rivers of Wind” and N.T. Betz wrote “The Fleagle Gang: Betrayed by a Fingerprint” a newspaper reporters collaborative report of a notorious crime spree including the 1928 robbery of the First National Bank that changed the face of Lamar forever. And me, Jan Verhoeff, an article marketer and writer who spends her time promoting new businesses and tourist trades in the southeastern corner of Colorado.

Lamar, Colorado is a stop over for famous people. Zebulon Pike chose the Willow Creek Valley for an encampment while his men weathered a bitter winter and prepared for their long jaunt westward to the place where he saw Pike’s Peak. Although he never actually climbed the peak, it bears his name in remembrance. Oprah Winfrey stopped over just long enough to label local cowboys as racist rednecks, refer to those of us who live here as renegades living in the “armpit of America,” and further endear herself to us by implicating that we are all gun toting criminals. A host of Country Music Stars have visited the prairie town and left their mark on the population with two wonderful country radio stations.

Lamar, Colorado is home of the Big Timbers Museum. Recently renovated, the Big Timbers Museum houses a large collection of memorabilia for the area, military showcases including one of only 13 Revolutionary Flags, and such nifty specialties as a huge ball of twine, an early permanent wave machine (yikes), and tributes to the American Pioneers.

Lamar, Colorado is a Historic Community on the Arkansas River. Home of a stolen Rail Road Depot, Lamar claims more than an average share of historic structures and plenty of stories to tell. This community sports a cozy Arts Center, Enchanted Forest (amazing on the dryland prairies), and the best known baseball diamonds and golf course this side of Texas.

If you’re looking for tourist-y things to occupy your time, visit our community and join any of the summer celebrations happening during your visit. It’s a high time on the prairie tonight, the barn dance will be rockin’!

Source by Jan Verhoeff

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