Jamaica – The Perfect Destination For The Avid Tourist

Jamaica is the third largest of the Caribbean islands. The country has a richly diversified topography encompassing seas, mountains and coastlines. The tropical marine climate is tempered by high altitudes, north-east trade winds and land-sea breezes. Occasional floods, droughts and hurricanes are also known to occur. The highlands and lowlands are traversed by many rivers and waterfalls. The Yallahs river delta is a natural wonder. The Rio Grande is another main river.

The history of Jamaica is as versatile as its geography. The country’s history ranges from the arrival of Columbus, the Spanish rule to the British colonization. Such a diverse history has resulted in a rich medley of cultures in Jamaica. Although crime is common in the crowded towns like Kingston, Jamaica is largely a safe tourism center. The predominant language is English. Jamaica offers a rare mix of modern city life and pristine natural glory. Tourism is augmented by the comforts of the many Jamaica beach rentals and Jamaica rental villas.

There are virtually limitless options for a tourist in Jamaica. The crowded towns of Kingston and Montego Bay are alive with myriad activities. Montego Bay is the main tourist center of Jamaica. It is just the spot for partying, nightlife, shopping and golfing. The beautiful beaches are lined by different forms of Jamaica beach rentals. These include hotels, resorts or a luxurious private Jamaica rental villa. The capital city of Kingston is the seat of the traditional reggae music. The city also houses many museums, art galleries, theatres and nightclubs.

Across the harbor of Kingston lies Port Royal, the once thriving historical city of Jamaica. Apart from beaches and cays, there are museums depicting the past of the city as a maritime piracy center and later the British naval base. Appleton estate produces the best of Jamaican rums. Mandeville is a quiet mountainous area with chilly weather. Falmouth is a typical Jamaican fishing village. Both these places offer good views of British architecture. Moore Town is the dwelling center of the native races enslaved by the Spanish.

The Black River safari of Jamaican crocodiles is a major attraction. The Cockpit country houses the unique limestone formations which attract many tourists. The Discovery Bay has inviting beaches perfect for picnicing. The Blue Mountains offer exciting possibilities with natural vistas and famous coffee plantations. The Blue and John Crow National Park houses hundreds of endemic species of plants. It is also home to rare humming birds and buzzards.

Hiking, water sports and beach hangouts are the most popular options in Jamaica. All in all, it proves to be a complete package of fun and leisure for any tourist.

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