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India is one of the most culturally deep and historically rich countries on the planet. It may have gotten a bad rap in the movie “Slumdog Millionaire” but the country has much to offer those who choose it as a vacation destination. It is a country as steeped in customs and tradition as it is in beautiful scenery. Whether you prefer to take your vacation experiencing historical landmarks or relaxing on the beach, India has something for you.

India has a population of more than one billion. The people live in areas ranging from beautiful rural areas to high-tech cities. One thing that you may want to check out when you visit is a game of Cricket. Cricket is the national sport of India. Here are some of the other important tourist attractions that you may want to visit when you take a trip to India.

The Taj Mahal – Probably the most identifiable structure in the whole country, the Taj Mahal is often one of the first things that comes to mind when they first think of the nation. The Palace was built from marble in the mid 1600s by Emperor Shah Jahan. He built to commemorate the life of his wife who had passed. Because the structure is build from marble it is very strong and still stands today in very good condition. The Taj Mahal is also surrounded by beautiful gardens and a Muslim prayer area.

Another important historical landmark that you may want to check out the Elephant Caves. The caves are a very popular attraction because of their close proximity to the giant city of Mumbai. These caves are a work of art. No one is sure how far back they date but most estimate that they date back to around 1000 A.D. The main cave houses a temple built-in honor of the Lord Shiva.

If nature is more your thing then the hills of Darjeeling are the place for you. Some of the most beautiful land in all of India located near the Nepal/India border and the views are breathtaking because of their proximity to the proud Himalayan mountains. Many people like to travel to Darjeeling to see some of the best sunsets in the world.

To fully experience the wildlife of India a visit to one of their national parks may be in order. The most popular national park in India is the Kaziranga National Park. In this park you will be able to see all of the wild animals that live in India such as the Red Panda, Rhinos and hundreds of different species of birds.

These are just some of the important places that you can visit on your vacation to India. With a country this size with a history this rich there is no way that you can see everything in just one trip. This is why so many people go back time and time again for an Indian vacation.

Source by Sapna N Rawat

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