Global News you need to know this week

*[Global News You Need to Know for this week]* 1. High temperatures are expected to continue in multiple U.S. states until early August. 2. Musk announced that Twitter might change its logo, possibly replacing it with a black background and a white “X.” 3. The U.S. House Committee is investigating the battery partnership between NIO and Ford Motor Company. 4. Indian media reports that Indian regulatory authorities rejected a $1 billion joint venture factory with BYD citing “investment safety” concerns. 5. According to a Japanese poll, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s Cabinet approval rating has dropped to 28%, the first time it’s fallen below 30% since February. 6. Japanese media reports that the Bank of Japan will discuss the upper limit of Yield Curve Control (YCC) during the July meeting and assess its negative impact. Previously, the Bank of Japan had deemed it unnecessary to take action on YCC. 7. MSCI stated that the sudden stock market plunge in India on Friday was due to technical issues. 8. U.S. media reports that the most intense box office battle in recent years has begun. The movie “Barbie” achieved the best weekend box office performance in the United States this year. 9. The G20 summit concluded without reaching a consensus on gradually reducing fossil fuels. 10. Putin claimed that Kyiv’s counteroffensive has failed. Earlier, Russian media reported that Ukrainian forces fired cluster munitions into Belgorod Oblast. The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that four Russian journalists were hit by Ukrainian shelling, resulting in one death. 11. The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts a tightening of the oil market in the second half of this year. 12. The UAE Energy Minister stated that OPEC+’s actions are crucial for market stability, and they are doing the right thing. 13. A report states that Tesla Cybertruck orders have exceeded 1.9 million vehicles. 14. OPEC Secretary-General Al-Mazrouei stated that the global oil industry requires $12.1 trillion in investment by 2045. 15. The White House announced that OpenAI, Google, and other leading AI companies voluntarily committed to ensuring the safety of their technology. 16. The Russian central bank unexpectedly raised its benchmark interest rate to 8.50%, the first rate hike since the Russia-Ukraine conflict began. The market had expected a 50 basis point increase to 8.00%.

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