Costa Rica Health Tourism – 40 Thousand Patients by 2019

Reports from the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism revealed that the country’s affordable plastic surgery maintains a 15% growth rate. Proof of this is the number of patients that fly to the country to get a surgery done mainly because of the rising plastic surgery cost at their home country. In 2007, plastic surgery in Costa Rica helped 5,000 patients in search for the best healthcare solution to compete with the United States and Europe in terms of safety and quality at relatively affordable cost. The majority of these patients seeking affordable plastic surgery are mostly from places like Europe, Mexico and even Central America. In fact, researchers from the medical tourism sector estimate that the country’s affordable plastic surgery could receive around 40 thousand patients each year by 2019.

To increase the country’s demand and to market plastic surgery in Costa Rica, many doctors are teaming up to create an elite medical group to take care of patients who are opting to get plastic surgery in Costa Rica. Up to this point at least five companies or medical consortium have been registered whose purpose is to captivate the growing market that just in the United States represented around 750 thousand patients last year. The primary purpose of these companies is to promote medical care to patients who are overwhelmed by plastic surgery cost and to advocate the healthcare quality of Costa Rica as one of the ideal destinations for cheap and world class medication.

Plastic surgery in Costa Rica has an excellent platform of hospitals which specialize elective and major surgeries. The country holds many hospitals that are credited by Joint Commission International Accreditation, a non-government American organization which supervises the services offered by hospitals around the world. This resulted to an increased demand of 20% that comes mostly from international insurance carriers. In Clinica Biblica Hospital alone, 200 to 250 operations where performed, of which 90% are for tourists. Two other world class hospitals are working on their respective accreditation are Clínica Católica Hospital and the CIMA Costa Rica, which goes for an investment of US$200,000.

To get a glimpse of medical travel packages and plastic surgery cost offered in Costa Rica here are some of the travel packages offered by famous medical tourism agencies based in the United States. For a dental work travel package which includes, ll transportation, 15 day stay in one of the countries specialized hotels, lunch, a complimentary national park tour from a choice of three, a massage and the surgical procedure, the cost is around US$2,450. The stomach bypass procedure for obesity with the same inclusive services will only cost you US$18,000. And the most popular are the plastic surgery packages that runs about US$2,650. Patients can save almost 60% of total cost if compared to prices in the United States and in Europe.

Patients could choose to stay for a fortnight in a country hotel or recovery center for a more private recuperation. In some cases, patients are so captivated by the place that they decide to buy a property for their own and recuperate forever in some of the most luxurious real estate in Costa Rica.

Source by Paul D. Johnson

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