Cook Islands Tourist Attractions

The idea of warm lazy days in a tropical beach paradise is sufficient to allure travelers to see Cook Islands. It is the ideal getaway for people like you who would like to have a rest from the demanding way of life with the modern cities. Allow yourself to savor a moment of peaceful relaxation in this great haven.

Scattered from the expanse on the South Pacific are 15 tiny islands each brimming with wildlife. Apart from the immensely remarkable pure scenery, Cook Islands greet you with a Polynesian tradition uniquely molded through a thousand of years. In Rarotonga, the main island, the beaches playfully sparkle as if calling your name. But there is far more to this island than its beaches. You will discover several activities in this island at the same time. Hiking, horse riding, sailing and windsurfing are just a few of the activities tourists can enjoy. All the same, travelers on a holiday in this location prefer to just lay back and relish in the scenery and particularly the food. There are restaurants that offer an assortment of dishes ranging from Chinese, Italian and Continental but it is recommended that you try Umaki – the Island’s classic normal Polynesian feast.

Aitutaki also draws in visitors because of the enjoyable coral atoll that surrounds an equally beautiful lagoon. Divers and snorkeling enthusiasts enjoy the glorious coral reef that is home to a colorful marine living. Then there’s Atui, an island with limestone caves which is fit for exploration. The rest of the islands, especially those in the northern component, are seldom visited by visitors owing to its distance from the chief island.

The unspoiled beauty of Cook Islands would make you wish you could stay a bit longer. So enjoy it although you’ll be able to, breathe from the fresh breeze that gently touches your face, and savor every pleasure that this island has to offer.

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