Chocolate Tourism In Ghana

Many years ago, Tettie Quarshie smuggled cocoa beans and introduced them to Ghana. The first seed was sowed in the country at the first cocoa farm located inside the Cocoa Research Institute. Since then, it has become the economic backbone of the country, making Ghana the second largest producer and a major exporter of cocoa in the world.

Recently, Ghana is starting to look at a new dimension of cocoa by becoming a major player in chocolate tourism on the lines of Belgium.

Chocolate tourism in Ghana basically involves a week long adventure tour that helps people understand the basic nuances of cocoa cultivation and its processing to make into an export product. Trips are arranged for tourists to visit the best cocoa plantations and farms in the country and follow it up with a visit to the cocoa processing company where these raw products are processed and the cocoa beans are packaged. Later, tourists can pay a visit to some of the best chocolate producing factories to experience the process of chocolate in the making. Tourists can have an overnight stay in selected cocoa villages. All along the trip, tourists can satiate their taste buds by experiencing the taste of different recipes made out of cocoa and chocolate. Other attractions during the trip include food fairs, chocolate pool parties and chocolate dresses.

With the objective of initiating its plans of transforming the country as a leading chocolate tourist destination, the Ministry of Tourism and Diasporan Relations had declared February 14th to be celebrated as the National Chocolate Day in Ghana.

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