Beirut Dubbed ‘Most Glamorous Tourist Destination’ For 2010

At one time Lebanon and Beirut were places to avoid. But in 2010, Beirut has been declared as the biggest hotspot for travellers and holidaymakers. The Republic of Lebanon sits on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, bordered by Syria and Israel. Exploring the Middle East offers a cheaper and more adventurous option for travellers than the usual American/ Australia option. And for people looking for holidays with a difference, Syria and Lebanon are increasingly popular. Lebanon is the crossroads of the Mediterranean Basin and Arabian hinterland. As such, it is an area rich in history, culture and ethnic diversity. In an increasingly homogenised world, it’s not surprising that holidaymakers looking for a truly authentic experience are choosing Lebanon and Syria.

Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon are increasingly popular according to Tom Hall, travel editor at the Lonely Planet travel guides. The history, warm hospitality and affordability of the region all make it a must-see destination. Beirut has emerged from a warzone to “2010’s most glamorous tourist destination.” Beirut was a place of excitement and adventure – but part of that was due to the danger of the city. A Guardian journalist said that 20 years ago the pull of the city was like “the kind of psychotic ex-lover who you worry might strangle you in your sleep.”

But now, Beruit has changed. It has a reconstructed downtown, complete with a Dunkin’ Donuts. The city is even more beautiful dueto its damaged history, exciting and glamours, it has been compared to being ‘the Elizabeth Taylor of the Mediterranean.’ With two brand new hotels in the city, it now has that international luxury appeal; the New York Times has nominated Beirut as its number one destination in the world.

Lebanon is crammed with beautiful vast mountains, warm friendly people, cool bars and sublime food. According to national broadsheets like the Guardian and the New York Times, the city features the most amazing bars in the world that outstrip London by a mile: “It’s so impossibly glamorous, Beirut. The people so cosmopolitan. The nightlife so sophisticated.”

Source by Ann Chadwick

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