Barbados Tourist Attractions

Barbados is an island in the Lesser Antilles chain. It lies in the Western Atlantic Ocean, to the East of the Caribbean Sea. It was a British colony for almost 250 years (from 1627 when the first British settlers arrived), and during much of this time, the island’s economy was based around the production of sugarcane. Barbados gained independence in 1966), and is today a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the United Nations, the Organisation of American States, and CARICOM. Since independence, Barbados has progressed considerably, and the economy has diversified into light manufacturing and especially tourism – today Barbados is the third highest ranked country on the human development index in the Americas (after the United States and Canada).

Most people who visit Barbados do of course visit to enjoy the beaches, sea, and wonderful weather – the island has developed a reputation in these areas. However, there is also quite a lot to see on the islands, and some of the tourist attractions to look out for include:

* Andromeda Gardens – This is a horticultural park, today owned by the Barbados National Trust, but which began as the private collection of renowned Bajan horticulturalist, Iris Bannochie.

* Barbados Concorde Experience – Barbados was one of only four regular destinations visited by the Concorde airliner (the others being London, New York City and Paris), and this fact is commemorated by this exhibition. The exhibition includes a retired Concorde airliner, and lots of information about the history and development of the supersonic airliner.

* Harrison’s Cave – This is a cave system that was formed when water naturally eroded the limestone rock. It contains many unusual stalactites and stalagmites,and is one of Barbados’ most popular tourist attractions.

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