A Look at the Scenes That Define Tourism in Kenya

Tourism in Kenya is the second largest export earner after agriculture. Honorable Najib Balala is the Minister for tourism and is doing a good job in developing and promoting the tourism sector. As a result, tourists have increased with time as well as the revenues generated. There are many factors that have led to the growth of Kenya tourism over the years. To start with, there are many game parks and game reserves holding many wildlife species, birds and insects. The climate is welcoming throughout the year and it hardly experiences winter.

Nature has blessed Kenya with spectacular geographical features no tourist will miss to watch especially in the Great Rift Valley. Many lakes and rivers are found in the Rift Valley province. You will also pass through hills, plains with rolling rocks, semi arid areas and grassland vegetation and Mt. Longonot, which is a dormant volcano. The equator is next to geothermal power station and hot springs where you will only take 15 minutes to cook an egg placed on the hot water in a bowl. Visit Lake Naivasha fresh water lake where you will enjoy fishing as you watch the large hippos. Here, you will be served with fish meal among other delicious foods.

Lake Nakuru will not be an exemption. It’s one of the worlds leading lakes with a lot of bird habitation. It has the greatest number of pink and white flamingos. Tourists come in large numbers throughout the year to watch this large flock of birds with their own eyes. It does not matter whether you toured Kenya for business purposes, educational researches, sports, leisure or holiday, just spare some time and adventure the beauty land of Kenya. The local people are friendly and welcoming, ready to entertain you with dance as you learn their culture and listen tales their origin and existence. The Masai community are a good example of a tribe who have hardly left their culture to westernization. They have been nomads ever since and rely on herb medicine from plants and trees. Their dressing style is unique and smart.

Mt. Kenya is the tallest mountain in Kenya and famous for game viewing, mountain climbing and hiking. A tour to Mombasa and the coast beaches along the Indian Ocean is fantastic with various beach sports as you relax on the hot sun. There is enough space for those people who love sports such as cycling in the Laikipia plateau, horse and camel riding and running, including an enjoyable balloon flight over the Masai Mara game reserve, where you will have a good view of the wildebeest. Most lodges and camps are built near parks, lakes and along the coast where you will have an excellent wildlife view.

Source by Jackline Mwathe

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